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Our Mission: 

The International Christian Voice exists to glorify God by being Canada’s effective and reliable source of information and support of the marginalized

Our Purpose:

  • To be a voice for the voiceless

  • To provide ongoing support for the helpless

  • To take immediate action against persecution

  • To achieve equal rights for minorities in Pakistan

  • To obtain justice to help uplift the minorities of Pakistan 

Our Values:

Being Christian, it is our responsibility to worship God, obey Him and take guidance from His Word. We believe every person should be treated equally and their Human Rights and Religious Freedoms should not be oppressed by any religious rule. 

We welcome people of all faiths and denominations to join this struggle for justice. In a world of injustice and oppression, we must pull together to defend and support the most vulnerable and often neglected members of our family; the persecuted.

Solidarity with Others

The ICV fact-finding team obtains current and accurate information about incidences of discrimination, persecution, or other forms of victimization. With the gathered information, the ICV committee strategizes plans to reach out and stand in solidarity with those who are suffering, as well as tailoring practical responses to their identified needs. To achieve this objective, ICV uses its ties with the global community, including governmental officials at all levels, public representatives, NGO’s and other such agencies.

Struggling for Justice

Supporters around the world are central to ICV’s advocacy initiatives. ICV’s committed supporters are in continuous contact via e-mails, phone and other sources.

Spreading the Mission

Information gathered with the help of ICV networks around the world is made available to the public and the media via press releases, press conferences, radio/TV interviews, seminars and bulletins. Our team of speakers travels throughout Canada and beyond to inform and equip others to pray, protest against and provide required assistance for victims of mistreatment.


We appeal for your cooperation in our struggle so that the fundamental and legitimate rights of the persecuted can be promoted and protected.We appeal for your support for the enhancement of a democratic culture, including human rights values and religious freedom around the globe.

We appeal for your solidarity with ICV Canada so that the objectives set before it can be achieved.Let us unite together to empower the rights of all minorities. Let us struggle together against discrimination of all kinds so that people in our communities, irrespective of their beliefs, can be equally treated. Let us strive to ensure the rights and freedom of all.


Exclusive footage of Shahbaz Bhatti\'s interview


APRIL 30- MAY 15, 2018

International Christian Voice is committed to highlighting the plight of persecuted, marginalized,

and vulnerable religious minorities in Pakistan.

In pursuance of our goal to successfully bring to Canada our most recently sponsored refugee family - for whom our community and friends have so generously donated to meet their financial obligations - it became necessary to visit Pakistan and Thailand to assess firsthand the difficulties from which this family and others are suffering. Further, it is important for ICV to educate and bring awareness to asylum seekers on how to properly apply for Canadian immigration under Canada's Private Sponsorship Program and other programs.During the sponsorship process, ICV encountered a serious roadblock when the office of the UNHCR did not accept the application for our sponsored family, claiming that since the husband died in Thailand, his wife and children were no longer in danger in Pakistan and hence should go back to Pakistan.


Backgrounder - Diefenbaker Award and Recipients Shahbaz Bhatti

Shahbaz Bhatti was elected to the National Assembly of Pakistan in 2008 and named Federal Minister for Minorities a portfolio he accepted because of the opportunity it offered to defend the oppressed and marginalized of Pakistan.